Zero Fat True Blue™

The Most Durable & Advanced Non-Stick Pan Known To Man

ZeroFat True Blue is an advanced intermolecular fusion of the earth's hardest mineral "Diamonds" and metal "Titanium" in Non-Stick Ceramic Coating Cookware. True Blue's exclusive Dia-tanium Ceramic Cooking Surface is silky smooth and extremely slippery-nothing sticks to it! The infused Diamonds & Titanium make it last for years.

  • Superfast Nationwide Delivery
  • 30-Day Moneyback Guarantee
  • All forms of payment accepted
  • A 9-layer construction, aluminum cookware made with DIAMOND and TITANIUM infused non-stick coating for superior cooking - making it 10x harder than any other pans
  • No drips and messes with the FLARED RIM design
  • Durable, solid, reinforced magnetic stainless-steel base for even heat conduction and compatibility with any stovetop cooking
  • Ergonomic handle grip for a comfortable cooking experience
  • Carefree easy non-stick pan surface makes clean up an absolute breeze
  • Oven safe for up to 500°F
  • Heat-tempered see-through glass lid for a safe and great home cooking experience
  • Paired with DIAMOND and TITANIUM infused non-stick coated 5-piece kitchen knife set
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