VO.TEMM O2 PANG Multipurpose Cleaner

All-Natural Oxygen Bubble Technology Multipurpose Cleaner

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Dedicated to keep our loved ones away from harmful substances, this product is made with all-natural ingredients - including USDA-approved saponin from soap berries, natural enzymes and edible-emulsifying agents.


The combination of natural ingredients and hypoallergenic oxygen bubbles creates one of the safest sterilizing detergents with 99.9% sterilizing and bleaching effect.


Its use extends from laundry and kitchen to bathroom and other parts of your home.


Owing to its highly concentrated, non-powdery formula, you can now wash, sterilize and bleach all at once even with just small amounts. On top of that, it is also safe for sensitive skin.


Save both energy and water as cleaning takes a shorter time even in cold water. Items are also easy to rinse, which saves up to 30% of water consumption.

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