Trans Optics

The Perfect Sight For Any Light!

Trans optics sunglasses feature Photochromic auto adjusting technology. That means that when the sun’s bright, transoptics polarized lenses automatically get darker providing the perfect density for ultimate comfort, but when clouds cover the sun, or you’re in the shade or driving thorough a tunnel or garage, transoptics lenses automatically get lighter and you can still see everything clearly.

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This means they’re always perfect for any lighting condition. Because the optical grade lenses are polarized and block UV rays, they dramatically reduce glare and help protect your eyes. This light adjusting technology was previously available only with prescriptions lenses, costing hundreds of dollars. But with transoptics glasses and this special offer, anyone can enjoy perfect sight in any light.

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Trans Optics
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Trans Optics
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Trans Optics
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By Rhyan Conwi on January 6, 2018

Comfortable to wear and are very light as for the techonology it did as advertised they are amazing for its price together with the free one wow definitely a bargain.

Trans optic sunglasess

By Rodelio c. Gulanes on November 30, 2017

Good quality sun glasess

Trans Optics

By JOSE REGNER S. CORAZA on March 19, 2018

verry good i love it

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