Starlyf Cordless Vac

The Cord-Free Total Cleaning Vacuum System!

Starlyf Cordless Vac is a wireless vacuum cleaner with an incredible power that’s faster and easier in cleaning up any mess! It gets in, around and under without ever stopping! It cleans the hardest-to-reach areas inside or outside, upstairs and downstairs, inside the car – even the backyard! Its lightweight and compact saving design swivels all around and under any furniture so clean up saves serious time!

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No more stress on tangled cords! Use it inside, around & under furniture without having to move anything. Move from one room to another without ever stopping & all without the hassle of a cable! Clean the whole house twice as fast with Starlyf Cordless Vac!


Starlyf Cordless Vac can be used everywhere! No hassle cleaning, even on the most difficult areas to reach, like inside or outside the house, on the upper floors, on the lower floors, in cars or in the patio. It's a total cleaning system with incredible power that makes it faster & easier to clean


Stop struggling with heavy vacuum cleaners! Starlyf Cordless Vac only weighs less than 2kgs. So lightweight, it allows you to move freely without ever stopping. Designed to run up to 30,000 rpm, its Dual Speed Power Mode is able to remove dust particles, allergens, pollutants & even lift a bowling bowl!


The Starlyf Cordless Vac's continuous cleaning on carpets, wooden floors & even on tiles saves valuable time. When you're done cleaning, the touchless dirt tray empties itself with just a push of a button!

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scv w/ charger
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extension wand
Includes Aluminum Extension Wand
brush floor
Includes Standard Floor Brush
upholstery brush
FREE Upholstery Brush
dusing brush
FREE Dusting Brush
electronic brush
FREE Universal Swivel Brush
swivel brush
FREE Electronic Brush
crevice tool
FREE Crevice Tool
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