Slim Wrap

Tummy Toning Wrap

Velform Slim Wrap is the natural and easy way to have a beach-ready body and hourglass figure that flatter every outfit! It’s an innovative wrap, infused with a powerful blend of concentrated natural ingredients, which penetrates, targets, and breaks down fat cells! Just wrap, wear for 45 minutes, and peel for incredible results that are revealed after just one use! Flush out weakened fat cells and toxins for a fantastically flat, curvy, and tightened silhouette with Velform Slim Wrap!

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  • 30-Day Moneyback Guarantee
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• Easy to Use

Slim Wrap fits all body shapes and wraps on easily with no mess to clean up. It hides invisibly under clothes so no one knows you’re wearing it. The fabric is so comfortable, never gets hot, flexes with your body, and leaves skin feeling soft and tightened.

• Lose up to 2 dress sizes

The secret of Slim Wrap lies in the natural ingredients that penetrate deep down to target fat cells, while the wrap’s Slimergy fabric captures your body’s natural energy and redirects it back inside to accelerate circulation, helping flush out weakened fat cells and toxins that hinder weight loss.

• No more Dieting

Dieting is never fun and especially when you don’t want to lose weight everywhere. If you want to target specific areas for specific problems, Slim Wrap is perfect because it works on the exact area you want to address.

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