Royal Kensington Hydroblast

Cordless Portable Power Cleaner

Royal Kensington HydroBlast delivers powerful deep-cleaning action anytime, anywhere! Perfect for a variety of applications outside the home and on the go. Its portable design draws water from various sources such as buckets, water tanks, ponds and mains supply. Quick set-up and easy manoeuvrability – the RK HydroBlast makes fast results easy!

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    Multi-functional cordless pressure washer delivers powerful deep-cleaning action anytime, anywhere!
    Use Precision Jet Nozzle for super strong, concentrated turbo stream (great for cleaning, scrubbing & detailing) or Wide Angle Spray Nozzle for wider, gentler shower (ideal for rinsing, watering flowers & surface prep)
    Set includes detachable 24V 4000mAH rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack. Highly efficient pump runs up to 2 hours use on a single charge.
    Self priming function allows pressure washer to draw water from any fresh water source like a pool, lake, or bucket! Simply place hose in any water source & enjoy 300-350 PSI of working pressure for all your outdoor tasks including car washing, lawn care, cleaning walls, decks, windows & more!
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HydroBlast Unit
Royal Kensington HydroBlast
24V Battery
24V Lithium-Ion Battery Pack
Long Nozzle
Long Nozzle
Precision Jet & Wide Angle Spray Nozzles
Precision Jet & Wide Angle Spray Nozzles
Foam Container
Foam Container
5.5M Hose
5.5M Hose
Water Filter
Water Filter
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