RK Nano Ceramic Car Care Kit

Restore And Protect Your Car

The 14 piece Nano Ceramic Car Detailing & Paint Protection Kit with the 2in1 Wet & Dry Turbo Power Vac is a breakthrough innovation in professional automative detailing, cleaning and paint protection. Utilizing nanotechnology to create a microscopic layer of particles that seals the pores, repels water, dirt and grime, also protecting the vehicle from harsh environmental element. 2in1 Wet & Dry Turbo Power Car is unlike any regular vacuums that only clean up dry messes such as food crumbs, dust, and dirt. It easily removes liquid messes like water and spilled beverages in no time.

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  • Nano Coating Technology

The Royal Kensington Car Care Kit creates a microscopic layer of particles that seals the pores once it reaches the paint surface. The hydrophobic coating repels water, dirt and grime while protecting the vehicle from harsh environmental elements.

  • Improved Safety

Revitalizing dull, unsafe lights and blurry windshield by restoring them for a clearer, brighter and safer driving experience.

  • Prevents Corrosion

Corrosion is one of the biggest enemies of metal with nano ceramic technology, metal durability is enhanced

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Order now and get the following

Not only will we give you a special discounted price, we will also throw in the following offers!

RK Offer1
Includes Pre-Treatment Deep Cleansing Car Wash
RK Offer2
Includes Scratch and Swirl Remover
RK Offer3
Includes Nano Ceramic Liquid Crystal Serum
RK Offer4
FREE 2in1 Wet & Dry Turbo Power Car Vac
RK Offer5
FREE 2in1 Hydrophobic Rain Repellant & Windshield Cleaner
RK Offer6
FREE Car Interior Cleaner
RK Offer7
FREE Wet-Look Black Tire Shine
RK Offer8
FREE Wheel Cleaner
RK Offer9
FREE New Car Smell Fragrance
RK Offer10
FREE Headlight Restorer
RK Offer12
FREE Microfiber Cloth
FREE Soft Wash Mitt
RK Offer13
FREE Super Absorbent Chamois
RK Offer11
FREE Round Applicator Sponge
RK Offer15
FREE Applicator Sponge with Built-in Suede Cloth
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