Dual Saw

One Saw Cuts Them All!

The Dual Saw is a revolutionary tool that has a unique counter rotating blade technology that sets the new standard in power cutting tools worldwide. It allows you to enjoy professional precision cuts by plunging straight into the middle of the materials and cutting in both directions without the usual splintering, cracking and breaking. Also, you can save money by using the same blades for different materials!

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  • Dual Counter Blade Technology

The blades make clean and perfect cuts virtually through any material without removing or changing them and without the need of pilot holes. One blade is used for cutting, another is for smoothing - reducing splinters and delivering a smoother cutting edge.

  • Blade Venting & Anti-Friction Technology

The Dual Saw reduces friction between blades and prevents overheating by transferring 99.9% of the motor's energy to the blades, resulting to an increase in performance for longer lasting power.

  • Dual Ball Bearing Gear System

The premium dual ball bearing system gives gears greater stability and enhances power output, while simultaneously reducing kickback, sparks, vibrations and biting.

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FREE 10 Lubrication Sticks
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FREE Hard Shell Protective Case
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