Bionic Spotlight

Bionic Spotlight is the solar-powered security light that turns on automatically when it detects motion.

Bionic Spotlight is the solar-powered security light that turns on automatically when it detects motion, up to 25 feet away. Does not require wiring or batteries, so you save money. Just place them where the solar panel can soak up the sun collecting solar energy and charges it. It has eight high intensity LED light that can cover an entire area over 600 square feet, and stays on until no motion is detected.

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  • Easy to Install No Expensive Wiring & No Batteries

Doesn't require professional work and expensive electrical wiring to save you thousands of Pesos.

Harnesses a natural source of energy from the sun through its solar panel, converting stored electric energy during the day for a whole night of brightness, saving you expensive monthly electric bill expenses


Turns on automatically when it detects motion up to 25 feet away. Shuts off 30 seconds after leaving vicinity of sensor range


Brightens the area to over 600 square feet with longer illumination that lasts al night. Safely brightens areas for night activities, walkways & stairwells. Perfect for lighting up gardens or yards. Looks like a security camera that secures home and storage sheds.


Ideal for both indoor an outdoor use. Constructed with heat-resistant casing and no sun induced warping and discoloration

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